Outlook 2010 to 2013….Where did my Autocomplete go?!

Did upgrading from outlook 2010 to 2013 mess up your auto complete list?

Well this is what worked for me… I noticed that 2013 created a new “Stream_Autocomplete.dat” file  (This file will be located here: C:\Users\YOUR-USER-NAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache)

***Make sure outlook is closed before doing this and be sure to copy BOTH (new-2013 and old-2010) .DAT files to somewhere safe before doing this (I copied them to my desktop)***

So what I did was I copied the entire file name and then renamed my previous largest (from 2010) “Stream_Autocomplete.dat” file to the new one that 2013 created.

Once the entire file name is copied, delete the “2013” .DAT file, or just MOVE it to a different location.

Once that is done, start Outlook and bang! You should have your auto complete list from your Outlook 2010



19 responses to “Outlook 2010 to 2013….Where did my Autocomplete go?!

  1. What ‘autocomplete’ are you referring to – when typing in addressees?

    Seemed like a promising blog post, but there’s too much emotion and little detailed explanation!

  2. For some reason, it didn’t work the first time (it just overwrote my renamed old data file), but the second time it worked. Thanks!

    • It should be located in the same place, I was using Windows 8 at the time.


  3. This worked GREAT for me after Dell made me flush my hard drive when they could not figure out the problem. I grabbed the .dat file from a backup I had created last week. Thanks !!!!!!!

  4. Worked for me. Didnt first time though. All i did differently 2nd time was to close outlook “properly” before renaming and copying. clicked file->exit, as opposed to just click the close button top right.

  5. In reference to RevoEmag’s comment above about Outlook overwriting the copied in autocomplete stream file: I had the same thing happen to me. What I did to get around it was:

    1. Close Outlook 2013.
    2. Re-copy the proper autocomplete stream file in place.
    3. Set the file to Read Only.
    4. Open Outlook 2013.
    5. Turn off Read Only.
    6. Close Outlook 2013.
    7. Relaunch Outlook 2013.

    Doing this, I was able to keep the transferred autocomplete stream file and utilize it. I have also tested added new entries successfully.

    So, yay.

  6. Is it possible that i can transfer the autocomplete dat file from my old desktop to my new laptop? Cox i have done the same procedure but it doesn’t work. what i need is when i create a new mail and type the first few letter it will auto show me the full email.

  7. I still didn’t try this yet, but having somebody clearly mentioned the name and location of the autocomplete files (for outlook 10 ans 13) on the whole internet, that is just awesome!
    Thank you Vinny

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