Unexpected connectivity issues…ya damn dirty RODENTS!

We have been rebuilding a network from the ground up.

This certain client is leaving their building in around 4 years and relocating to another building, so to save costs we purposed using their existing CAT5e wiring that is already in place at their building as well as passing some CAT6 cabling for their new wireless infrastructure.

Everything was working perfectly, then we started to get some wireless issues and network disruption.

We checked every access point, antenna power settings, etc…we checked almost everything imaginable…ALMOST.

Well after double and triple checking all of our settings and equipment we got a call from the caretaker of the building.

And this is what he showed us:


A squirrel had been chewing our cabling!!!!!!!

So just in case your going through some connectivity issues and you have double, triple and quadruple checked everything you can possibly check….THIS might be the reason!



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