Microsoft Surface RT


so I just bought a Surface RT……because I completely lucked out.

I’ve been looking on Kijiji for older Windows based touch tablets, so I could install Win8 on it and test it out.

I then stumbled upon someone who had just posted an add for the Surface RT 32GB the post was around 30 min old. He was asking for 400$, I offered 350$ long story short, I met up with the guy, I was very suspicious at first, but he let me open the box and turn it on… was legit never opened. So I managed to score a 350$ Surface RT.

I’m going to be using this thing almost exclusively now and I will definitely be giving my opinion on the Surface RT.

As it stands right now:

Desktop = Win8 Pro

Laptop = Win 8 Ent

Tablet = WinRT

Gaming device = Xbox 360 slim

Now all of these devices are supposed to play nice with each other, well see….



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