Part 1: My experience with returning my Surface RT to be Repaired/Replaced to Microsoft.

Hey all,

So I’ve been mostly happy with my RT and have had it for a couple of months now, I’ve blogged about this already so you can go check out my older posts.

As I’ve mentioned in my older posts, the Surface is very well built, its a solid system. However mine happened to have a small defect that at first I didn’t notice, and is probably small enough for most people to ignore…..but not me, its driving me crazy and I’ve decided to return it to Microsoft.

As you can see in the pics below, at the bottom left of the screen there is some slight discolouration.




So I had registered my Surface RT on the support website a while ago to check its warranty status, it was easy to register  you pretty much enter the serial number and BOOM, done.

What I did is it went straight to a support chat person “Answer Tech”. I waited for around 5 minutes and I was automatically connected to an Agent, I pretty much explained to him what the issue was and I was told that it was covered under warranty and that I have 2 options.

Here is some of the conversation that I had with the Agent:





A confirmation number was provided and I received an e-mail with my UPS shipping label and instructions.

All this was done in probably 20 min….

VERY happy with the service so far!

I will keep you guys posted



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