Outlook 2007, the connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable…… CAN’T PRINT!!


I had come across this problem at one of my clients about 6 months ago.

There had been a power-outage and the server was shut down. The server O.S is Windows Server 2008 R2, it’s also the Primary Domain Controller, DNS, Fileserver and a Hyper-V host which is currently only hosting an Exchange 2010 server running off Server 2008 R2, with around 12 mailboxes.

So when the power came back on, we powered on the server, normal POST, normal boot, logged in, no problems, no errors, no messages.

I then checked the VM running the Exchange server, same result as above, no problems.

So all was well….except when someone tried printing from OUTLOOK 2007, we ran into this message:

“Microsoft Office Outlook, the connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action”

So first thing I did was check the printer….it was working fine from any other application OTHER than outlook.



However Exchange was fine! emails were flowing in and out!

So what I did was restart the Exchange server VM…….it worked…..the good ol’ restart trick.

Fast forward to today, we came across the exact same issue….power-outage, normal boot, can’t print from outlook with above message. However my restart trick didn’t work this time.

Fortunately my colleague had run into this issue a couple of times before, and he told me to check the Exchange server and verify if all Exchange services which are set to start up automatically have started. I then came across this:



As you can see “Microsoft Exchange Address Book” is set to start automatically….but it didn’t.

I started up the service and VOILA! worked like a charm! (you might need to restart outlook on your client computers)

Only thing that is worrying me now is that this service is supposed to start up automatically. I will have to look into it some more when I get a chance, but for the time being I scrolled over to the “Recovery” tab of the service’s properties and set first, second and third failure to restart the service.




Vinny OUT!


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