Surface RT……not completely useless!

Hey yo….



While I was packing for my honeymoon I came across a situation………which tablet should I bring!?

It was a showdown between my Surface RT v.s my Nexus 7. To be completely honest, the Surface won easily, NOT because I MAY BE a MS Fanboy, but because it has a bigger screen, REMOTE DESKTOP, OFFICE + OneNote, great battery life and I have a touch cover for it, and thanks to a past update via Microsoft, IE now runs flash on most websites (Including which I use everyday for work)….oh and a 32 GB SD card installed.

To compliment my Surface I brought along my HTC 8X (which I dropped real bad and NOT happy about it – don’t be a hero like me, who decided NOT to buy a case for it………I learned my lesson)

The plan was to take photos and videos with my 8x and to upload them into my Surface, this actually worked REAL good, however when your transferring a lot of multimedia your Surface WILL slow down.

I pretty much used my Surface everyday to check my emails, take care of some emergencies for work (with logmein and RDP), do some internets and so on….All was well.

Ciao for now.


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