Windows 8.1 get your Skydrive icon back on your taskbar

I use SkyDrive a lot and I loved having the possibility to pin the Skydrive shortcut icon on my task bar like so:


However now with Windows 8.1 SkyDrive is heavily integrated within the O.S (Which is a good thing)

So after I updated my Windows 8 installation to 8.1 , my SkyDrive icon was gone! No biggie right? just go back to the icon, right click and then choose “Pin to Taskbar”…guess what! it aint there!


This enraged me, I’ve had my SkyDrive icon on the taskbar for a long time, sure, I still have the option of creating a shortcut on my desktop, but no, I’m sorry, that’s not gonna cut it.

I first tried manually creating a shortcut (right click on your desktop then choose “new” then “shortcut”)  and pointed it to my SkyDrive location, but I still got the same result as above.

So after some googling I found this cool little tip from (
I wasn’t too far off with my first attempt, so this is what you need to do in order to be able to pin the SkyDrive shortcut to your taskbar.
– Right click on your desktop, choose “New” then “Shortcut”
– The “Create shortcut” Window will open, then click “Browse..”
– Chose your SkyDrive folder, then click “OK”
-Now your screen should look something like this:
– Now comes the most important part, you’re going to want to type “Explorer ” with a space, in front of “D:\Skydrive”
– It should look like this:
Explorer D:\Skydrive
– Then click “Next”
– Rename your shortcut from “Explorer” to “SkyDrive” then click “Finish”
Now you should see this somewhere on your Desktop:
Gross right?
That’s unacceptable! If you right click and try to change the icon you will not find the actual SkyDrive icon by default, you’re going to have to find one of the .DLL files within System32 which contain icon files. After some googling I found the right one (Thanks to panagosm from one of the CNET chat forums)
– Right click your newly created SkyDrive icon and choose “Properties”
– Click on “Change Icon”
– You should see this:
– Replace “C:\Windows\Explorer.exe” with “C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll” in the “Look for icons in this file:” field,  Then hit Enter.
– The set of icons should change, then scroll to about halfway and you should see the SkyDrive icon:
– Choose the SkyDrive icon you desire and click “OK” then “Apply”
Your end result SHOULD be this:
To pin the Shortcut on your taskbar, simply right click and choose the option “Pin to Taskbar” which wasn’t available before:
done-sd-on-taskbarLet me know if it works out for you! or if there is an easier way!

14 responses to “Windows 8.1 get your Skydrive icon back on your taskbar

  1. Thanks tons! I work from home most of the time, so I use SkyDrive a LOT. Since the upgrade, I’ve been searching for a fix but apparently it’s not as important to some as it is to you and me. I’m in your debt!

  2. Nice – thanks for this – I’m surprised they got rid of the skydrive taskbar button. It was nice to see it updating etc just like dropbox does.

  3. Totally awesome my friend i have been lost since i did the 8.1 update and now i am found. Works like a charm. You don’t happen to have cure for the windows search index not working do you. I have spent days looking for a cure for that one. Thank a bundle for the info.

  4. Thanks. Although I used to have Skydrive on the right of the taskbar (sorry dont know what its called)…just beside dropbox, can this be done again?

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